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Appeal To Honorable Lt. Governer

Kashmir’s hotels and restaurant owner’s association (KHARA) Tuesday said it has suffered huge losses and it can’t be estimated by numbers stating that post August 5 last year their units remained shut and now Covid-19 pandemic has hit their peak business season.

Mushtaq Ahmed Burza, president KHARA said the losses suffered by valley hotels and restaurants can’t be measured in numbers, it’s in crores and since August last year they have only witnessed huge losses in business due to halt in tourism activities.However, officials from tourism industry and other sectors managed to motivate people from outside to visit Jammu and Kashmir this season but before the season could commence this pandemic arrived and hit our business.

He said the hoteliers have hardly managed to pay the wages of workers for the month of march but when the owner is himself out of money what will he give to them who are also affected due this lockdown and many of them are jobless now.



Kashmir Hotel and Restaurant Association (KHARA) came into being in November 1956 when a few Hotel Owners came together and formed an Association with basic objectives to look into and protect the interests of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry and to promote Tourism in Kashmir. Ever since, KHARA has continued playing a very strong and positive role towards safeguarding the interests of Hospitality sector and working towards promoting touris read more

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